Smoke Fire and Water Damage_   

OHM is on call 24/7

Garment Restoration_

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Helping you restore peace during this difficult time. OHM was built upon Superior Quality, Exceptional service and satisfaction Guaranteed.


Our experts clean and restore your wardrobe, fine textiles & accessories, window treatment, and oriental rugs to their original splendor. We utilize over fifteen unique cleaning processes, and each program has been developed to remove smoke and order without harsh chemicals.

Emergency Clothing


Since the needs of our customers are our first concern all priority items are returned in 24 to 48 hours. One to two weeks of clothing and shoes are recommended for each household member. Our dedicated staff is avilable for additional deliveries as needed.

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Pickup, Delivery & Storage


All inventory is taken from and returned to its orginal room and is stored in our secure, climate-controlled facility. We offer unlimited storage during the restoration process.

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State-of-the-art Inventory Control System


OHM utilizes a state-of-the art inventory system that records individual tag numbers, item descriptions, location, and price. Our effiency and accuracy allows us to easily locate any items needed prior to final delivery.

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